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Simple and Smart DeFi

Flourish is the DeFi and artifical intelligence advisor platform for brand new Cryptocurrency investors (it's great for pros too).

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Set it and Forget It DeFi and Crypto Investment

Flourishing Capital AI™
makes crypto investing simple and smart for investors by driving higher risk adjusted returns via automatic, real time market conditions based portfolio optimization.  This is not a basic one size fits all trading bot. It actively adapts trading strategy to profit in bull markets and preserve capital in bear markets, putting you on the same level as professional, experienced crypto investors. 

Flourishing Capital AI™ may be perfect for you if:

You’re new to crypto investing:

You don’t have the time or inclination to be hands-on
: Flourishing Capital AI  can automatically create, monitor, and rebalance your investments to keep you diversified and on track.

You want to boost your overall portfolio:  Flourishing Capital AI  automatically constructs a diverse crypto portfolio in line with your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon to compliment your stocks, bonds, real estate, or other holdings.

Works For You 24/7/365

Flourishing Capital AI™ actively trades for you to find optimal purchase and sell opportunities. Boost portfolio returns with cypto currency automatically. Perfect for index investors who aren't hands-on. For more info, read our whitepaper HERE.

Made for Humans

Expert investors with crypto assets in their portfolios understand book analysis, have access to volumes of trade data, and understand market fluctuations.  So does Flourishing Capital AI™  allows you to trade like the pros. No prior experience required.

Trusted and Transparent

Gain market insights through reporting, backtesting, or engaging with other investors in our community. In fact, you're welcome to join our community right now. How's that for transparency?

Autopilot Balancing

Flourishing Capital AI™ supports higher risk adjusted returns within your risk comfort zone via automatic diversification based on market fluctuations, not a basic one size fits all model. The platform runs deep analysis of trades, market data and much more, all in treal time.

Smart yet Simple

Simple holding or basic rebalance models can yield high gains or heart-stopping losses. Flourish™ AI actively adapts trading strategy to profit in bull markets and preserve capital in bear markets. Flourish investors averaged 30% a ROI in 2019 (in bear market conditions).*

Bulletproof Security

Investor peace of mind is a priority for us. Flourish leverages bank-level security, dual factor authentication, and end to end encryption. Your API keys are securely encrypted using 256 bit protocols to protect the security and confidentiality of your account.

Preferred Partners and Integrations

Introducing FAI:  Flourishing Capital AI Token

(Flourishing AI) is a new DeFi (Decentralized Finance) hedge token revolutionizing the efficiency of financial management services by providing a platform-agnostic currency for the high fidelity personalized portfolio management services by Flourishing Capital AI. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, FAI enables global access to advanced methods and tools previously reserved for crypto hedge funds.

Why Flourishing AI (FAI) Token?

People First.  Supported by a growing DeFi segment, FAI is the first fully independent DeFi hedge platform aimed at providing crypto buyer-centric financial management services, independent of the hype cycles which hurt new crypto buyers.  When new industry participants prosper, the entire community prospers. 

Turbocharged Exchanges
. FAI promotes transparency for exchanges, providing new crypto buyers access to the experience and knowledge they need to start their crypto journey.  Make your exchange a welcoming place for new participants, and watch your user base and volume grow like never before.  

FOMO Is Not Enough. New crypto buyers signed up often express a “fear of missing out” but admit to be intimidated by crypto’s steep learning curve or consider crypto a fringe technology, slowing adoption.  FAI Helps provide transparency in crypto financial management services.

Flourishing Capital AI is in use RIGHT NOW.  This is not a whitepaper based on future functionality.   You can deploy FAI to support high frequency trading, futures trading, and intelligent analysis of market trends today.

Want more Info? Check out the FAI Whitepaper.

Legal notice:  FAI purchases to be used for subscription services to the Flourishing AI platform on supported exchanges and DEXes. Please note It is the investor's responsibility to follow the laws in their respective jurisdiction around crowd sales.  Sale of FAI is NOT OPEN TO CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES AND U.S. TERRITORITES.  We will hold a crowdfunding sale for United States citizens and residents in the coming weeks in compliance with U.S. Regulations - please contact directly to participate in a U.S. compliant sale coming soon.  Please note if you purchase as a U.S. citizen or resident, and you purchase FAI, we will refund your purchase.