Flourishing Capital

Simple and Smart Digital
Currency Investing.

Flourish is the smart digital assets trader made for brand new Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investors (it's great for pros too).

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Set it and Forget It Crypto Investing 

Flourish is an artificial intelligence automatic crypto assets trader constantly working to find profit making crypto
opportunities. Flourish is ideal for investors looking for generate hedge profits well above REIT or precious metals holdings.

Works For You 24/7/365

Flourish actively trades for you to find optimal purchase and sell opportunities. Boost portfolio returns with cypto currency. No prior experience required.

Big Returns. Low Fees.

Just $14.99 a month up to a $25,000, 1% on each dollar over.

Since Flourish is AI powered, our fees are comperable to passively managed funds. It's the best of both worlds.

Trusted and Transparent

Gain market insights through reporting, backtesting, or engaging with other Flourish investors in our community. In fact, you're welcome to join our community right now. How's that for transparency?

Autopilot Balancing

Flourish supports higher risk adjusted returns within your risk comfort zone via automatic diversification based on market fluctuations, not a basic one size fits all model.

Smart yet Simple

Simple holding or basic rebalance models can yield high gains or heart-stopping losses. Flourish™ AI actively adapts trading strategy to profit in bull markets and preserve capital in bear markets. Flourish investors averaged 30% a ROI in 2019 (in bear market conditions).*

Bulletproof Security

Investor peace of mind is a priority for us. Flourish leverages bank-level security, dual factor authentication, and end to end encryption. Your API keys are securely encrypted using 256 bit protocols to protect the security and confidentiality of your account.

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